Dinner With Dad: A Meal Fit For A King

Let’s face it. Your dad has enough ties. Give him a gift he REALLY wants this year—a full-course meal with a big, juicy steak!!!! From appetizers to desserts, it is important to create a menu that is fit for a king on this special day.  Does a king cook for himself? No way! A catered dinner adds a personal touch customized to include all of your dad’s favorite dishes. Not only will you not have to worry about getting him yet another tie that says #1 DAD, but you can also avoid the holiday stress by relaxing and spending quality time with him while we do all of the cooking!  So, treat your dad to a creative cuisine this Father’s Day and check out how you can make this day the best he has had in years!!!

03.33.20100128.JasonIvner.092Butternut Squash-Carrot Soup with a Spiced Cream by Artful Foods Catering

Starters are meant to be delicate yet flavorful. They leave you wanting more, anticipating what is to come next. There are many varieties of appetizers such as soups, finger foods and more. When choosing a starter, I always coordinate the flavors with the main dish to stimulate the appetite! I love starting the menu off with a gourmet soup to warm the body. For Father’s Day, I would suggest a butternut squash-carrot soup with a spiced cream. Butternut squash is great for soups, because it tends to not be stringy, is more watery than other squashes, and tastes similar to a sweet potato. After the soup is prepared, I carefully drizzled spiced cream over it to give the dish a gourmet feel that matched its gourmet taste and added a crusty piece of bread. Not only is this soup satisfying, but it also tempts your taste buds for the next course.


03.33.20100128.JasonIvner.056Wild Arugula Salad with Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes,
Mozzarella and Basil Dressing by Artful Foods Catering



Salads can be served in addition to the appetizer or they can be served as the appetizer. The same goes for soups. It simply depends on the menu of choice. There are hundreds upon hundreds of ingredient combinations to make the perfect summer salad for Father’s Day. With so many options, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and not know what to choose. I always stop by my local farmers market to see what is in season and what inspires me. You can’t go wrong with a wild arugula salad! Here, I added heirloom cherry tomatoes, Angelo & Franco fresh mozzarella and basil dressing.  Not only is this gourmet salad fun and bright in color, but it is also flavorful yet light enough to keep up everyone’s appetite for your dad’s favorite course of the night, steak!!!


03.09.01.Jason.080306.D.011Prime Filet of Beef with Artichoke Hearts, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes,
Red Wine Sauce, and Chive Oil by Artful Foods Catering



After the previous plates have been cleared, the king awaits his steak with a big grin on his face. It’s the moment he has been waiting for all night. But this isn’t just any ordinary steak; it’s filet mignon! Filet mignon is considered the king of steaks due to its tender texture that could almost melt in your mouth it’s so delicious. When choosing what to pair with the steak, I always look for ways to compliment the meat without overpowering it. Here, I created a prime filet of beef with artichoke hearts, roasted cherry tomatoes, red wine sauce, and chive oil. The combination of side dishes enhances the flavor profile of the overall meal, making it truly fit for a king. After your dad has demolished his entree, it’s on to the dessert!


03.09.01.Jason.080306.D.007Raspberry Tart with a Raspberry Curd Filling and Strawberry and Vanilla Sauces by Artful Foods Catering


Desserts are the key to winning someone’s heart and making their day. End the meal with your dad’s favorite dessert and you will surely impress him! Whether he is a cheesecake or ice cream fanatic, he will love a surprise treat. Here, I made a raspberry tart with a raspberry curd filling and strawberry and vanilla sauces. I love using raspberries in desserts, because they are a sweet, flavorful summer fruit perfect for a variety of summer desserts. When added to a buttery crust and complimented with strawberry and vanilla flavors, you are left with a tantalizing tart! Whatever dessert you choose, always keep your dad in mind. With our help, you can customize the perfect meal to fit his liking and include some of his favorite dishes. At the end of the day, it is another experience you get to share together. Make it one to remember!!!
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