Frequently asked questions are answered here

1. What is the average cost for a cocktail party, brunch, luncheon or sit down dinner?

Each party has a different price based on the complexity of the menu and the service style.

2. Do you have sample menus with prices?

Yes. But, all my menus are developed individually with my clients based on their specific needs.

3. Do you provide staffing and rentals?

Yes. These supplemental costs are on the quote. However, basic rental items are included. Staffing needs are determined by the menu, budget and whether your party is casual or formal.

4. Do you offer drop off services?

Yes. Clients often request this option when no staff is needed.

5. Do you have a food style or signature fare?

Yes. It's California cuisines with Mediterranean and Asian accents. However, Artful Foods Catering can accommodate all requests.

6. What distinguished you from other caterers?

What differentiates Chef Jason Ivener from other caterers is his seldom found combination of work experience in large private homes for high net worth individuals, fine restaurants and hotels. As a private chef for over ten years, he was responsible for both cooking and planning numerous small and large personal and professional events. He brings this high level of expertise to your home or event. Jason's substantial in-house experience enables him to relate to the needs of his private and corporate clients unlike others. We offer competitive pricing and work one-on-one with our clients to reflect their personal style. Artful Foods Catering offers innovative contemporary California cuisine infused with Asian touches and a Mediterranean flair.

7. Can you handle dietary restrictions and food allergies?

Yes. As a full service caterer, we can handle all requests, especially last minute requests. We are always prepared for the unexpected.

8. Where does the food come from?

The finest produce vendors, farmers markets, meat vendors and Santa Monica Seafood. We do not skimp on quality to save money. For special events, we import specialty products like fresh Italian porcini mushrooms, white truffles or various wild Mediterranean fish.

9. Are you licensed with proper permits and liability insurance?

Yes, we carry all the appropriate permits, insurance and food handler permits.

10. Does your catering quote include rentals?

Yes, when appropriate. It's an additional line item expense on the quote.

11. How will your staff dress?

It depends on the event. For most evening functions, normal is bistro attire, which is black slacks, a white buttoned down dress shirt and a black tie. For most daytime events, khakis and a white polo shirt and an apron is usually fine. For some special events that have a very fashion edge, Artful Foods Catering uses professional models.

12. Does your catering quote include tips?

No. Gratuities are never expected but always appreciated.



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