Fashionable Foods: A Look Into Artfully Plated Foods

Fashion doesn’t just belong on the runway. It belongs on your plate, too. Fashion is all about the innovative use of colors, textures and aesthetics. The same goes for artfully plated foods. According to a recent Oxford University study, artistically plated foods taste better. Just like how people judge a book by its cover, they judge food by its presentation. Have you every looked at a plate in which the food looked so beautiful that you knew it would taste just as exquisite as it looked? It really is true that people eat with their eyes. Artful Foods Catering provides catering that is based on the importance of reliable service, great food, and of course, appealing presentation. Check out our eight tricks to WOW your guests at your next party or event.


1. Use plates like the pros. There is a reason most chefs use large, white plates and bowls. Using larger china allows for additional empty space. This empty space puts the focus directly on the food by keeping it in the spotlight instead of taking the attention away from it with a crowded plate. In addition, if the china is white, the colors and textures of the food will stand out in a simple yet brilliant way.


2. Reach new heights. The goal is to always draw the eye to the main focal point of the dish. Try adding height to your dish by stacking items that go well together. By doing so, you will draw the eye upward with a clean, sophisticated aesthetic. Additionally, if you are serving pasta, always use less pasta and “fluff” it instead of using more pasta and smashing it. The larger the serving of pasta, the messier your plate will look.


3. Cut your cuisine. There are different techniques when it comes to slicing and dicing foods, especially fruits and veggies. Although each technique has a different aesthetic, all foods that are properly cut look professional and are visually appealing. Types of cuts include the square-off cut, julienne cut, brunoise dice, small dice, batonnet, medium dice, baton, large dice, paysanne cut, and chiffonade.


4. Embrace the white space. If you are using a larger, white plate, it is easier to create white space. By adding white space in between each item on your plate, the overall presentation will look more polished and fashion-forward. Ideally, you want to aim for 50 percent veggies, 25 percent protein, and 25 percent starch.


5. Get creative with colors and textures. Just like how you can add extra pizzazz to your outfit by incorporating the right color and texture combinations, you can elevate your dish through innovative use of colors and textures. Be visually stimulating and take advantage of this by using them to draw attention to the focal points of your dish.


6. Keep it clean. When placing items on a plate, it’s easy to end up with sauce all over the plate. Unless it was done in a purposefully artful manner, wipe away the excess dribble to avoid sloppy distractions and to keep the main focus on the food that is being served.


7. May the odds be ever in your favor. When it comes to artfully plating foods, always keep the Rule of Odds in mind. This simply means to group items in odd numbers as they tend to be more naturally appealing to the eye compared to the symmetry of items group in even numbers.


8. Get gourmet with your garnishes. Add color with edible garnishes! You can easily elevate your dishes by adding spices, citrus twists, sauces, and herbs in an artful manner. Don’t be afraid to be creative.

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